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There are not many of us who don’t enjoy a cup of coffee, it starts our day, finishes our meal, is great with cake, work and friends. We have always been avid coffee drinkers, but until we started on this journey of discovery we really didn’t appreciate the fantastic but often fraught history of the coffee plant, where and how it’s grown and the wonderful taste sensations available if you’re prepared to delve into the world beyond the cup. We have been roasting at home on our little Gene Café for a while now, exploring the alchemy of the green bean, the roasting process and different brew methods. Our friends and family have become our test subjects trying new beans, blends and roast profiles with us and giving us not just great feedback but the confidence to turn this passion into our livelihood. With the past 20 years of experience in the retail ,licensed and brewing trade we see the artisan coffee movement as akin to craft beer, a real talking point, an opportunity to experience new and pleasing flavours, something to be shared with friends and family socially or just simply enjoyed at home. It was in 2012 that we really began to appreciate coffee roasting as a way to create and release the amazing complexity of flavour, aroma and sweetness in different beans. So when the opportunity came along to take our love for coffee and share it with you, we just couldn’t resist.

We have recently moved into Station Yard, Edington, a beautiful and picturesque village in the heart of Wiltshire, and have installed our Drum Roaster “Laura” to roast our ethically sourced beans. Coffee is a seasonal crop which is forever changing in flavour and we are constantly on the look- out for the most amazing beans that we then extensively profile roast to find the “sweet spot”, only then do we bring it to you.


“Your coffee, Our passion”



We roast all our coffee on a 5kg Roaster. every bean is lovingly checked and rechecked before roasting, and every roast is sampled in our cupping room to make sure that the taste profile is exactly as planned.

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